Anna Trebunskaya from Dancing with the Stars is a HypnoBirthing Believer!

L.A. Birth Bliss taught HypnoBirthing to Anna Trebunskaya and Nevin Millan, and this is what Anna had to say about their amazing experience:

"Being a pregnant woman brings a lot of joys and fears all at once. From finding the right baby name to that perfect stroller to taste buds changing - it's easy to get busy and distracted from the actual task at hand - preparing for giving birth.

I started researching what would be the best way for me and my partner to give birth as my belly started showing. We came up to a conclusion that a natural home birth was for us. Yes, it's a bit scary to not have a doctor on standby with a needle that can dull the pain that everyone was talking about, and the scary stories kept coming from all the angles. Then a friend of mine who gave birth naturally to three beautiful children told me about HypnoBirthing and how it helped her to stay focused and have a birth experience full of memories. I thought to myself : 'If she can do it with three kids, surely I can do it!"

Luckily for us, we had a HypnoBirthing instructor right in our town and even though we started our classes a few weeks late, our teacher Johanna was able to bring us up to speed and was super flexible and accommodating. I could say so many wonderful words about Johanna and her teaching, but what is most important is how positive she was through the whole process and how encouraging she was. She guided us through our fears and questions with her knowledge and calm demeanor. I will always remember her saying at the end of our final class: "You are ready".

Finally the day came when I went into labor. Was it a piece of cake? - no, not by any means - but having HypnoBirthing training helped me to stay calm, focused and positive. I was aware of all the changes that were happening in my body and knew exactly what was coming next. I had the tools in my basket to achieve my drug free, natural birth. It surely was the most profound experience of my life and I wouldn't change a single bit. I was ready. Thank you!"

-Anna Trebunskaya from Dancing with the Stars, first time mom

"We recommend Johanna's HypnoBirthing class to any pregnant couple looking for a wonderful birth experience - even a natural, unmedicated one, like we had. I gave water birth to our daughter at home in less than 7 hours! The birth was completely pain-free just like some of the videos that Johanna shows in class. The only thing I felt were strong pressure waves.

Johanna was such a pleasure to have as a guide through my pregnancy, from the first time I spoke with her on the phone around week 14 of my pregnancy. We took the classes early in our 2nd trimester, which I highly recommend, as this allows you time to make the right choices in respect to selecting the right OB/midwife, hiring a doula, writing your birth plan, and of course, practicing the HypnoBirthing techniques before labor. Lastly yet very importantly, Johanna always sends out a class summary after each class with information on how to prepare for the next week, it is a great reference as you get closer to delivery.

The entire experience was bliss and I glow every time I talk about it, thanks to Johanna's HypnoBirthing instruction and my birthing team. Overall, it was an amazing class with an even more amazing instructor. "

-Kuldip and Anmol, first time parents

"It was undoubtedly the most calm, exhilarating, beautiful birth (not to mention one of the shortest) I've attended so far as a birth doula. I plan to suggest your classes to all of my upcoming clients. Each person I have referred to you has given you the highest marks as an instructor!"

-Leila B., birth doula

"Johanna, the HypnoBirthing method you shared with me was outstanding! Easy-to-learn relaxation and breathing patterns guided me through a five hour, pain-free labor. I will treasure the experience forever! "

-Kim S., second time mom

"I still can't believe it! My baby was breech at 35 weeks when I contacted Johanna. I had tried everything - external version with my OB, spinning babies, acupuncture, chiropractic...but nothing worked. Johanna performed breech turn hypnosis on me, which took about 2 hours and was so relaxing. She also gave me lots of suggestions of natural ways that I could help turn my baby, but I didn't need it! Two days later in my OBs office, I found out that my baby had finally turned. I am a hypnosis believer! Thank you so much, Johanna! "

-Beth N., third time mom

"Wonderful! I tell everyone that it is the only way to give doctor and the nurses were so impressed!"

-Katharine O., first time mom

"My baby's birth was the most amazing experience. My midwife tells all of her clients to use HypnoBirthing. I love this program. Thank you Johanna!"

-Alicia W., first time mom

"My wife and I learned HypnoBirthing through LA Birth Bliss, and the classes gave us the confidence we needed to try for a natural birth. Other people talk about how terrible birth is. I witnessed it recently when my baby was born, and I can say with certainty: birth can be beautiful, calm, relaxed, and pure bliss. "

-Brent H., first time dad

"I spent 3 months taking a Bradley birth preparation class, but still felt afraid and unprepared for labor. Then, I found the LA Birth Bliss website and talked to Johanna about my concerns. She suggested that I try HypnoBirthing, which I hesitantly enrolled in. I am so glad that I did! I loved the class, especially the Fear Release hypnosis that helped me to let go of the scary feelings about birth that I had been holding onto. My birth was beautiful - a HypnoBirth for sure. "

-Tracey C., first time mom

"Johanna, thanks again for being such a kind, caring and knowledgeable instructor. I feel like my wife and I are very well prepared at this point, and that we are going into this birthing experience with a lot of confidence. You gave us that confidence and knowledge - so thank you! "

-Adam G., first time dad

" Thank you for everything you have done for every single family who has attended your HypnoBirthing classes. You have empowered, and even more importantly EDUCATED, so many families. Our birthing experience allowed us - and so many other families who you have taught - to introduce our most beloved and treasured person into this world free of drugs or interventions, in the way that nature intended it. Thanks again Johanna! "

-Danny M., first time dad

" My husband and I took HypnoBirthing classes in preparation for our first baby. Johanna's teaching style was great and definitely facilitated our learning. We felt very prepared going into our son's birth. After completing Johanna's classes we were able to have the calm, natural, drug-free birth that we had hoped for. It really was a great experience and I'd highly recommend her classes to anyone considering natural birth. "

-Nicole L., first time mom

" Thank you, Johanna, for our HypnoBirthing class! It made the difference for us. We were focused on having a natural birth, and we did it! We were sent to LA Birth Bliss by our doula. She was right, not only did we learn techniques for a calmer birth experience, but we felt a part of a team of parents, also wishing for the same experience. The course is also full of information and ideas. Thank you! "

-Emily D., first time mom

" As a South Bay Doula, I refer all my clients to Johanna! First of all she is incredibly warm, intuitive, and knowledgeable! She has a passion for her work and it shows. She recognizes the needs of each individual couple within her group class, which I think is really important! My clients leave her class; informed, confident, and even excited for the birth experience. I'm always amazed at how at peace my clients are for the majority of their labor. The tools Johanna teaches really work! "

-Katie H., birth doula

" This class was amazing for me! Johanna was great very knowledgeable answers any questions we had. I didn't think that I would be into the class when I first signed up, but me and my amazing other half loved it! I had an all natural drug-free birth and all the breathing techniques, HypnoBirthing book and CDs that I got made it so easy! I was home cooking and cleaning during my labor (I had a homebirth) and it made me feel confident and ready for my little miracle to come into this world. Because of this class, my wonderful doula, and my midwife, I had the best birth experience. Thank you Johanna. "

-Jacqueline M., first time mom

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