Infertility Problems and "Unexplained Infertility" Diagnosis

It is estimated that nearly 20% of all couples experience fertility problems, and for approximately 30% of those couples, the fertility issues are considered "unexplained infertility". An estimated 7.3 million women in the United States have encountered infertility problems. Millions are dollars are spent each year in the struggle to have a baby. Many medical procedures are available, yet often attempts to conceive are still not successful.

Unexplained infertility means that there is not a significant physical reason why a woman cannot become pregnant. Stress is considered one of the major underlying factors in unexplained infertility, and certainly encountering problems conceiving generates even more stress. Stress and worry, fear, past traumatic experiences, and hormonal issues can block the body's ability to create a receptive environment for conception. Pre conception hypnosis can open pathways in the mind and body creating an environment for pregnancy to occur.

What is HypnoFertility?

Hypnosis is becoming one of the most sought after therapies for couples experiencing fertility issues. Hypnotherapy has been found effective compared to other types of therapies in general settings.

Statistics show:
  • Psychoanalysis: 38% of clients reported recovery from their conditions after 600 sessions.
  • Behavioral Therapy: 72% of clients reported recovery from their conditions after 22 sessions.
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% of clients reported success after just 6 sessions!

When going through a highly difficult experience such as infertility, negative thoughts, doubt, and fear can run rampant in your mind. Harnessing your energy in a positive way with HypnoFertility can change your inner soundtrack from bleak and fearful thoughts to positive affirming feelings. This change in energy has the ability to change your body chemistry, making your body more receptive to naturally getting pregnant or undergoing other medical fertility treatments.

HypnoFertility is safe and drug free. It is a perfect accompaniment to those undergoing medical fertility treatments. Despite the great strides in medical advances related to treating infertility, statistics shows that the success rate of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and other treatments is approximately 20%. HypnoFertility has the ability to significantly boost the success rate of IVF.

A 2004 Israeli study on IVF with hypnotherapy was conducted by Professor Eliahu Levitas, and was subsequently published in the July 2004 issue of the European Society of Human Reproduction. The research found that hypnosis can double the success rate of IVF. The study, which tracked 185 women, found that the success rate of IVF in the test group rose from 14% to 28%, when the women underwent hypnosis during IVF implantation.

Additional studies have been conducted which show the correlation of mind/body activities improving the chances of getting pregnancy naturally. In 1999, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Women?s Association found that 42% of 132 infertile women who completed a mind/body program became pregnant within six months after the program finished. A study in 2000, which was published in Fertility and Sterility, found that 55% of infertile women who participated in a mind/body program conceived, as compared to 20% of the infertile women in the control group who did not participate in the program.

HypnoFertility Group Session

This powerful mind-body class is four sessions of 2.5 hours each.

Did you know that stress can reduce your chances for conception?

When we experience stress, our bodies produce the stress hormone, Cortisol, which can inhibit the implantation of a fertilized ovum, delay ovulation and reduce the number and motility of sperm. Your daily stress levels may be hurting your ability to conceive the child you desire.

HypnoFertility teaches you to release fears and stress and improves your chance of conceiving.

Research shows that using a mind-body program, like HypnoFertility, when undergoing IVF can double the success rate of conceiving!* HypnoFertility is also very successful when a couple is naturally trying to conceive without medical procedures.

According to research, 42% of women became pregnant within six months after learning mind-body techniques, such as HypnoFertility.**

This class can be used as a standalone program for those wishing to conceive naturally or it can be used in conjunction with medical fertility treatments.

This class consists of detailed information related to boosting fertility, deep relaxation hypnosis to release stress and reprogram the mind and body to prepare for a successful pregnancy.

Private HypnoFertility Sessions

During an initial consultation, we discuss your history as it relates to attempts to become pregnant so that improvement areas can be identified. Based on the information gathered, a customized HypnoFertilitly program is designed for you. The customized HypnoFertility program typically consists of between 4-8 sessions.

The fee for a private session varies depending on the number of classes for your session. The tuition fee includes all classes, CD, and class handouts.

Pre conception hypnosis can be used as a standalone program for those wishing to conceive naturally or it can be used in conjunction with medical fertility treatments.

* American Society of Reproductive Medicine
** Journal of American Women's Medical Association

HypnoFertility Class Registration Details

The HypnoFertility group session is comprised of four 2.5 hour classes.

  • Classes are taught in Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach.
  • The current group session price is $375.
  • The tuition fee includes all classes, CD, and class handouts.

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HypnoFertility Testimonials

Thank you, Johanna. I came to you for assistance in my journey to get pregnant and stay pregnant. After several years of trying, we reached a low point where we no longer thought it was possible to continue on. Then, I found LA Birth Bliss and Johanna. The HypnoFertility information was excellent, my husband and I both learned so much about how to reconnect with each other, how to take better care of ourselves emotionally, and how to build a positive expectation towards growing our family. Also, the hypnosis was so relaxing, I wish I could do that every day. We are 14 weeks pregnant now! I hope to take your HypnoBirthing class soon!

- Anne N., Manhattan Beach

After 4 rounds of unsuccessful IVF, I heard about Johanna"s HypnoFertility class. I learned a lot. I shared what I was learning with my fertility clinic and Dr. M (my South Bay Fertility Doctor) says that he will recommend that his other patients also contact you. We are preparing to receive our 5th IVF transfer soon, and I?m so hopeful that my body and mind are in a better place this time. Your help finding local resources was great, too. You answered every question with so much information. These days, instead of feeling devastated, I feel hopeful.

- Natalia S., Redondo Beach

Johanna, I loved our class! Our situation was different that some of the others in our session. My husband was the one with sperm malformation issues that were stopping us from conceiving. He was feeling so depressed about it, and then we found your class. Honestly, it was hard to convince him to attend at first, because he felt that our fertility struggle was just too personal. But, it has been the best process for both of us. We loved how your class gives information on both female and male aspects of nutrition, cortisol impacts, and even hypnosis geared towards both of us independently. Lucky for us, my husband's sperm situation is resolving with a change in lifestyle. We credit your teachings for giving us the right information on how to improve things naturally. I have recommended a very close friend also take your class. We are so lucky that we found your HypnoFertility class!

- Adrianna V., Palos Verdes

WE ARE PREGNANT! Oh my, I am a million miles over the moon right now! Thank you so much for sharing HypnoFertility with us. It took 4 months of practicing the mind-body techniques that you taught us, and we conceived naturally! Dave is about to burst, he is so happy. Thank you so much for being there for us in so many ways...teaching us and listening to us. You told us that this day was coming and here it is. Thank you, Johanna.

- Susan F., Hermosa Beach

Disclaimer: Please be advised that the material in this program is not a substitute for medical advice, nor does it replace your doctor's care. Please consult your medical practitioner for medical advice and care.