Amazing Breech Turn Using Hypnosis

pregnant woman's belly

I recently read this story from a HypnoBirthing mom whose baby was breech as she reached her due date. Despite many natural techniques, her baby remained transverse with no room to move. She finally contacted her HypnoBirthing instructor and went through the hypnosis session for breech turn….and only 4 hours later that baby turned into an optimal birth position! She went on to have the beautiful natural birth experience that she had been longing for.

I have also been amazed at how powerful the breech turn hypnosis is when I have been able to reposition breech babies using just my voice and the visualizations that I paint.

Nicole’s Breech Turn Story:

“My heart sank when I heard the news: at nearly 40 weeks, my baby was transverse. Nowhere near optimal position. No room to maneuver.

Well, I couldn’t follow my midwife’s advice to prepare for a c-section. Not yet.

I’d finally discovered HypnoBirthing after three highly managed, medicated labors. I always rejoiced in receiving a new baby, but the experience of labor left me feeling unsatisfied. Now, with HypnoBirthing, I was excited to experience my body’s powerful instincts and deeply connect with the natural birth of our last child. I wouldn’t abandon that dream so easily.

Polar bear position. Rebozo technique. Hip swirling. Visualization. Massage. I tried everything to encourage repositioning, but my daughter remained firmly wedged as time ticked down.

Finally, my HypnoBirthing practitioner did a breech turn script with me over the phone. During the session, I discovered a deep, subconscious fear – my husband had been diagnosed with a serious condition, and we were terrified. That terror and resulting tension rendered our poor baby immobile. But after the session and a pep talk with baby (and uterus!), I felt peaceful. Confident.

Four hours later, my baby began moving very purposefully. Little feet scrambled, little arms flailed, a tiny bum squirmed. After 20 minutes of upheaval, there was a noticeable downward shift. My belly became calm. Everything suddenly felt right, like a puzzle piece clicking into place. I somehow knew we were aligned for birth.

The stunned midwife confirmed a perfect positioning at my next appointment. Shortly thereafter, my beautiful HypnoBirthing baby arrived, following a fast, calm, completely natural labor. It was the birth I’d always wanted.

Nicole S., Idaho Falls, Idaho”

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