Anna Trebunskaya from Dancing with the Stars is a HypnoBirthing Believer!


L.A. Birth Bliss recently had the pleasure of teaching HypnoBirthing to Anna Trebunskaya and Nevin Millan, in order to help them prepare for the birth of their daughter, Amalya.

Here is what Anna had to say about their beautiful natural HypnoBirth experience:

“Being a pregnant woman brings a lot of joys and fears all at once. From finding the right baby name to that perfect stroller to taste buds changing – it’s easy to get busy and distracted from the actual task at hand – preparing for giving birth.

I started researching what would be the best way for me and my partner to give birth as my belly started showing. We came up to a conclusion that a natural home birth was for us. Yes, it’s a bit scary to not have a doctor on standby with a needle that can dull the pain that everyone was talking about, and the scary stories kept coming from all the angles. Then a friend of mine who gave birth naturally to three beautiful children told me about HypnoBirthing and how it helped her to stay focused and have a birth experience full of memories. I thought to myself : ‘If she can do it with three kids, surely I can do it!”

Luckily for us, we had a HypnoBirthing instructor right in our town and even though we started our classes a few weeks late, our teacher Johanna was able to bring us up to speed and was super flexible and accommodating. I could say so many wonderful words about Johanna and her teaching, but what is most important is how positive she was through the whole process and how encouraging she was. She guided us through our fears and questions with her knowledge and calm demeanor. I will always remember her saying at the end of our final class: “You are ready”.

Finally the day came when I went into labor. Was it a piece of cake? – no, not by any means – but having HypnoBirthing training helped me to stay calm, focused and positive. I was aware of all the changes that were happening in my body and knew exactly what was coming next. I had the tools in my basket to achieve my drug free, natural birth. It surely was the most profound experience of my life and I wouldn’t change a single bit. I was ready. Thank you!”

Testimonial quote from Anna Trebunskaya.  Posted with permission.

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