Pregnant with a Breech Baby? Don’t Despair, Try Hypnosis!

pregnant woman's belly

Are you pregnant with a breech baby?

Hypnosis can be extremely successful at turning breech babies into the ideal head-down vortex posterior position, ready for easy birthing.

Hypnosis helps mothers to relax and let go of fear surrounding their upcoming birth.  Guided imagery allows mothers to visualize the physical changes necessary within their body, as well as changes in positioning of the baby, in order to encourage the baby to move into an optimal position for birth.

In May 1992, Dr Lewis Mehl Madrona from the Stanford University School of Medicine, published a study of breech babies which showed that hypnosis was an effective technique in turning breech babies.  In the study, two hundred women who had breech babies that were at least 36 weeks gestation were observed.  One hundred of the women in the study received hypnotherapy, while the other one hundred women did not.  Results found that of the 100 women who received hypnotherapy, after hypnosis treatment 81 of the babies were in the head-down vortex position.  In the control group, who did not receive hypnotherapy, only 26 of the babies turned spontaneously, prior to birth!  On average, only four hours of hypnotherapy was required to successfully turn each baby from breech to vortex.

If your baby is breech and is at least 34 weeks gestation, you may benefit from hypnotherapy to move your baby to move into a ready-to-birth head down, posterior position.  Turning a breech baby with hypnosis can usually be achieved in 1-2 sessions.

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