Packing for Birth – Get the Essentials into the Bag!

Mom packing bag

If you are about to have a baby, you have some serious packing to do!

Find out what to put in your 3 bags (the Labor Bag, Postpartum Bag, and Daddy Bag) and plan ahead and work your list of pre-birth to dos!

  1.  Get These Things Done Before Labor!

Here are things to prepare before you leave home for the hospital or birthing center:

  • Put a dark towel on the car seat in case mom’s membranes release before the ride to hospital or on the way
  • Lavender essential oil and cotton pads – put a few drops of the oil on a cotton pad – it is a relaxing distraction for mom to inhale during car ride to hospital and when getting settled at the hospital
  • Create a music play list.  Don’t forget the tunes for labor – music helps to keep mom focused and in a relaxed state of mind.
  • Install the infant car seat – the hospital won’t let you take baby unless the car seat is properly installed
  • If you want to use an application to track surges during labor, get it installed on your phone before labor begins
  1.  What to put in your Labor Bag!

Bring these items with you when you are in labor and checking in at the hospital or birthing center:

  • Bottled water
  • Chapstick – birth breathing can create dry lips!
  • Birth gown, socks, slippers
  • Pillow & case – it can be very nice to have your own pillow – but put your own pillow case (non white) on so it doesn’t get mixed up with hospital pillows
  • Music related items:  iPod / docking station / batteries
  • Things to set the mood in the room:  LED candle, room spray, etc.
  • Birth ball
  • Camera, video camera, tripod, extra memory, charging cords
  • Several copies of your birth plan – one to hang on the Labor and Delivery Room door, one to give to the nurses’ station when you check in for your file, one to give to your Labor Nurse, an extra copy in case your nurse changes, and an extra copy for Dad’s reference
  • HypnoBirthing door sign, postpartum door sign, tape to hang signs
  • Drivers License – give this to your Birth Companion / Partner, in case it is requested when you check in to the hospital
  • Bring any pre-admission paperwork that has been given to you
  • Basket of treats for Labor and Delivery nurses with a copy of your birth plan attached.  The nurses love this and hopefully will take extra great care of you
  • After delivery snacks – you may be ravenous immediately after birth!  Bring some snacks and drinks!
  • Cell phone / charger
  1. Items to put into your Postpartum Bag

This bag you can leave in the car when you get to the hospital….Daddy can bring it in once the baby has arrived and you are settled in your postpartum room:

  • Pajamas / robe
  • Nursing shirts / Nursing bra
  • Comfortable pants
  • Underwear – the hospital will give you mesh ones, but you may want to bring your own
  • Maxi pads – the hospital will give you pads for post birth uterine blood, but you may want to bring your own
  • Toiletries – makeup, razor, hair brush, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth brush, tooth paste
  • Breast Pads / breast ointment
  • Clothing for baby / hat / socks / mittens
  • Baby blanket – hospital provides scratchy ones!
  • Paperwork folder – you will get lots of paperwork at the hospital, bring a folder to securely store it all
  • Baby’s name written down – for hospital birth paperwork
  • List of people to call after baby is born
  • Paper/pen
  1.  Daddy Bag

Daddy needs things to get him through labor, too:

  • Snacks
  • Water / drinks
  • Comfortable clothes for day and night
  • Pillow & case
  • Toiletries
  • Phone /charger
  • Towel
  • Magazine/book