Skin-to-Skin Bonding is For Daddy Too!

Marlon and Calvin

This skin-to-skin baby and daddy bonding fills my heart with joy! 

Skin-to-skin bonding feels great, but it also serves a hugely important process for parents and baby.

Skin-to-skin bonding regulates baby’s internal temperature, heartbeat, respiration rate, blood pressure, and emotional state. For parents, it also stimulates the release of oxytocin, as well as other hormones, which develop that amazing mother-baby and daddy-baby bond, and stimulates the production and let down of breast milk in mothers.

The best part?  It couldn’t be easier to perform!  Just remove the clothing, swaddles, and blankets that separate mom or dad and baby.  Place baby on chest, and cover baby with a light blanket to avoid heat loss through the back.  Snuggle and enjoy for as long as you both want!

The sweet skin-to-skin cuddlers in this photo are a beautiful LA Birth Bliss HypnoBirthing family.   Photo posted with permission.